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"Music is the source of Joy for wise people"
Xun Kuang

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There are many things that bring us happiness in the world. There is money, comfort, beautiful clothes and wonderful places for a vacation.
But Music has an important place in everyone's life.

We can understand it or dislike it or bypass it, but only music gradually fills us with special happiness drop by drop.

Music has an impact on the body.

Studies have shown that when we hear music, we stimulate the motor cortex part of the brain that controls movement of the body. We do not just hear sounds, but feel them with every cell - as if an electric charge passes through us.

Music reduces stress, soothes and even heals. Listening to favorite music speeds up the healing process after surgery.

It has the power to free us from the thoughts that are repeated from day to day, break bad habits to get rid of anxiety.  Listening to music can provide minutes or hours of calmness and help find harmony. 


Music helps us understand and know the realities.

There are three realities - objective, subjective, and intersubjective. 

Thanks to musicians and composers, we can see and understand other people's perception of their reality and gain an insight into their world. 


Music develops empathy.

Empathy is an important gift that helps to understand the feelings of others. Jean Piaget said that we grow up when learning to see things from the point of view of other people.  We are not born with these skills, we hardly master them throughout our lives. When we hear someone's music masterwork we see the reality of that person, touch their perception of reality and learn the ways of their self-expression. 


Music teaches us to see.

We have to admit it. Sometimes music doesn't bring us relief, it can upset us, make us sad. But music awakens the feelings, pumping them, helping us to see something important. And that's what it's all about - the ability to see things clearer. 


Music makes you think. 

Why is Mozart's music bright and radiant? Beethoven's music is tragic and Prokofiev's music is prickly and incomprehensible? 

Any music makes us think, pushes boundaries, trains the brain to comprehend and analyze it. It is not just entertainment or momentary joy, but happiness in a deeper sense.


Music awakens pleasure.

Many masterpieces shake us up, knock us out of the rut, upset us and even provoke anger. But each of the emotions does not exclude pleasure. We are arranged this way - we love the thrill of roller coasters and scary movies. 

Ancient Greeks knew about that - they were the ones who proposed the idea of catharsis. Sometimes negative emotions awaken positive sensations. 

The main problem in the modern world is that giving in to momentary pleasure continuously can interfere with our life plans. Music gives a sense of pleasure but does not bring harmful consequences for your health and those around you. 
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